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  • New Offering - Workation in May


    As we embrace the joyous month of May, filled with numerous holidays and the promise of warmer weather, we are excited to announce a unique opportunity for you to make the most of this vibrant season – introducing our Workation Special at our offsite location! 

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  • Press Release Location Birthday


    Celebrating 3 Years of Innovation and Success embedded in Nature, surrounded by Art, and serving with best hospitality – Offsite Redefined  

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  • Working where others go on holiday: Long live the hybrid working world.


    The world of work has changed radically, and companies are still readjusting their work strategies. We are living and experiencing this in the last 3 years now and clearly come to a statement that Hybrid working models are an improvement. 

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  • Boost Collaboration


    Does your team struggle to work or socialize in a home office setting? One of the core lessons since we all work remotely or in a hybrid type of way is the fact how tough it can be to focus while working from home. We are also taught that there is no magic formula for remote work success. The level of distraction by our families or surroundings is extremely high and often it seems to be impossible to find time for real deep concentration.  

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  • The Next Big Thing


    Fun in the Sun. Offsite redefined. If you get stuck, draw with a different pen. Following this saying for New Work, teaming and corporate collaboration, it is more than ever time to change your tools. It may free up your thinking. In time of hybrid work structures it doesn’t make sense to schedule one zoom session after the other.  

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  • More "We Time" is needed


    Collaboration, connection with others and the chance to renew team relationships after being in isolation for almost 3 years should be the mantra for new work. Spending more time in isolation, even though digitally connected, does not support mental health rather than team engagement.  

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  • Take a look


    We celebrated our second company birthday those days.  

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  • Garden Exhibition


    Work exhibition Organic Ceramics by Johanna 

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  • Forget the red flags


    In running an offsite location and moderating strategic workshops for almost 2 years now, I see too many teams working on competitive threats, try to fix talent issues, rearrange supply chains, cost pressure and tactical alignments. Let’s remember the good old “Blue Ocean” strategy where you are leaving the market behind, avoid the “Red Ocean” which is just leading to an exhaustive management as usual with some chance of keeping your corporation alive.  

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  • What is a great “place” to work today?


    Personal Touch has been underestimated in going after hybrid work structures and the techniques for "The Future of Work" have to be tuned. Let's check out what a great "place" to work looks like today.  

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  • Collaboration needs space


    Collaboration needs space – Since the pandemic did fundamentally transform the way of working towards hybrid, traditional occasions to meet and collaborate within business disappeared. Team members who spend less time in the office and no longer share an office work routine don’t meet any longer by chance. 

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  • Time to shine


    Celebrating our first anniversary after conducting the first strategic offsite @FriesThinkLand in August 2020. O.k. it was tough though and felt like a roller coaster without any security net in a year with massive disruption.  

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  • Offsite Workshops and Meetings - a new role in the hybrid world of work


    Now that the future of work lies in a hybrid model between home office, office and meetings, offsite workshops take on a new significance. Offsite stands for an extraordinary location that is used outside of the routine environment. In a working world where personal contact is becoming rare, the location for meetings is becoming crucial. 

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  • Home Office - not the best way to harvest ideas


    Of course, there are efficiency gains in the home office, and it is also convenient. But dialogue is not enough, and with it the inspiration for innovation and new approaches is missing. The future of work looks different. 

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  • Newly empowered


    Last but not least, find one of our contributions to get the energy transition done. We have 2 newly installed Charging stations waiting for you arrival.  

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  • Cross Bearing – Kreuzpeilung


    Does it make sense to open a Co-Working and Co-Living Location in the middle of a pandemic crisis?  

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  • I am New


    In the mid of my Fifty’s I’m taking a new course of action, packed with management theory and thought leadership out of 30 years in consulting it should be easy to launch a new business. Even if this is in the countryside, in a hide away far from business noise and daily rush. 

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