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Forget the red flags


In running an offsite location and moderating strategic workshops for almost 2 years now, I see too many teams working on competitive threats, try to fix talent issues, rearrange supply chains, cost pressure and tactical alignments. Let’s remember the good old “Blue Ocean” strategy where you are leaving the market behind, avoid the “Red Ocean” which is just leading to an exhaustive management as usual with some chance of keeping your corporation alive.

No need for red flags in corporate strategy

Why not following your purpose and take the chance to leave the market behind, take risk, allow mistakes, and leave mini margin to the competition?

Here are the top 3 red flags which I realized teams should overcome to create and execute a corporate strategy leading into the “Blue Ocean”:

  1. Fear for Disruption and getting used to manage tactical issues. Besides the fact that new work structures have led to the great resignation and a higher burnout rate than ever bevor, teams are often to close to get things done in an as usual manner which prevents them from taking bold steps and think out of the box.
  2. Too much Respect for the challenges of getting things done and the general workload. But just remember it is not about work harder but more about work smarter.
  3. Fear of being concrete, to the point. This might be an impact of all the agility talk from the last years. But if you do not describe your destination, you might never reach it. It is not the target which should be agile and endless moving but the path in how to reach it is the chance of agility.

I encourage you to check it out and leverage the power of an inspiring location to look around, out of the box, learn from nature and be challenged on your habits.