Open land, open mind


Unique is the setting of FriesThinkLand in North Germany close to the North Sea, Wadden Sea an UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Wadden Sea forms an unparalleled, dynamic landscape. Nowhere in the world will you find such a vast, varied area, sculpted by the constant flow of tides and Germanies largest Surfing Beach is close to reach.

Although working as a hide away the Location is near shore to Hamburg and with easy access to Hamburg Airport and Railway with a good hour and fully digital connected.

Those are the pictures which opens your mind to be ready to think out of the box with an inspiration for new solutions. And anyhow for digital Nomads the environment works like a glass of water after a long walk through the dessert…

If you look around there is no urban hectic, streets, traffic, passengers. You will see land, horizon, sky, nature, seasons. A place to create Ideas, the New.

Our concept has been created pre Corona time but is essential for the reaction and fast adaptions from the Pandemic crisis. We are thinking our Future now differently, more human, more ecological, more transparent, sometimes slower…. Take a look, how the old Farmland does this already embed, since centuries.