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The offsite location which inspires.

FriesThinkLand is a place to think, solve complex problems, create and envision future corporate strategic directions outside of daily duties in harmony with a balanced environment created out of nature, art and digital technologies. Guest rooms, event and workshop spaces are all under one roof, allowing for co-working and co-living while offsite. Created in full believe that environment and the space around us do shape every single interaction we take. The sphere around us creates the atmosphere for inspiration, balance and harmony. 

All by yourself. Together.

Concentrate on what is important without any disruptions:
FriesThinkLand will exclusively host one team at a time.

About the Estate

Find new angles and perspectives

Our modular workshop space is equipped with the latest conference technologies and encourages new ideas on over 100m².

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Relax. We got this.

From breakfast to formal dinner, from relaxing outdoors spaces to elegantly furnished rooms with a view – We got you covered.

About our Rooms and Hospitality


Boost Collaboration

Does your team struggle to work or socialize in a home office setting? One of the core lessons since we all work remotely or in a hybrid type of way is the fact how tough it can be to focus while working from home. We are also taught that there is no magic formula for remote work success. The level of distraction by our families or surroundings is extremely high and often it seems to be impossible to find time for real deep concentration.  […]
Collaboration Outdoor
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