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FriesThinkLand is a place to think, solve complex problems, create and envision future corporate strategic directions outside of daily duties in harmony with a balanced environment created out of nature, beauty and digital technologies. Created in full believe that environment and the space around us do shape every single interaction we take. The sphere around us creates the atmosphere for inspiration, balance and harmony. FriesThinkLand, the offsite location which inspires.



On over 100 sqm workshop space equip with the latest conference technologies you can chose between 3 different Modules.

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Our restored Farm lies within the Marshland close to Germanies largest surfing beach in Northern Friesland.

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About us

Over 30 years of experience in corporate strategies, lived and worked in 4 continents and 15 countries and finally landed within the Marshland.

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Offsite Workshops - eine neue Rolle in der Hybriden Arbeitswelt

Nun, da die Zukunft der Arbeit in einem Hybriden Model zwischen Home Office, Office und Meetings liegt bekommen Offsite Workshops einen neuen Stellenwert. Offsite steht hier für eine außergewöhnliche Location, die außerhalb des Büroalltags genutzt wird. In einer Arbeitswelt, in der der persönliche Kontakt selten wird, wird die Location für Meetings entscheidend.  […]
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