The Facilities

Our Facility is beyond normal and outside of any type of “Business as usual”. The old Barn is redesigned to foster creativity and provides modern digital conference and workspace equipment. “Campus” is our paradigm where work and leisure are floating into each other and everything, like the garden, café, bar, kitchen, swing… is integrated and accessible.

Eventküche und Workshopraum

Our Workspace offers 100 sqm of a flexible work environment, ideal for workshops with online and offline components. 2 Digital Whiteboards with PC- functionality, professional speakers and microphones. Analog workshop material like flipcharts and whiteboards are available. Additional meeting space for video conferencing is free to use. Even being in the countryside we provide High Speed Internet with 1000 Mbit/s.

WS Treppe
Populated Workshop room - in use
Populated Workshop room - in use
Populated Workshop room - in use
Populated Workshop room - in use

We have 10 Guestrooms, 9 Double and 1 Single Room for Overnight stays and lot’s of leisure space outside on the “Warft”.

Bett ausschnitt regal, lampe
Badezimmer Detail waschtisch
Flur Lampen Kuhstall
Gästezimmer 5
Gästezimmer 2
Flur OG Wohnhaus
Altes Treppenhaus
Flut Tapete und Skulpturen

A fully served breakfast kitchen allows you an easy start in the day while the event kitchen is ready for event cooking, chimney events or special tasting moments. Business Lunch and Afternoon Coffee is provided while a cosy bar room allows evening networking and on demand we arrange formal dinner settings.

Frühstücksküche gedeckter Tisch
Frühstücksküche Spüle Detail
Flur Buddha Küchensicht
Back office Küche
Frühstücksküche Gesamt Stühle
Back office Küche Schw Schrank
Eventküche von oben 2

We organize Nature walking, Birdwatching, Surfing or sailing trips and any kind of activity on the beach to foster collaboration in between.

Beach Dünen