The estate

The Farmland is completely restored and a 150 years old Cattle and Sheep Farm is transformed into a modern co-sourcing and co-living facility without losing the connection to history and farming purpose. The old barn is transformed into a digitized working space to develop brave Corporate Strategies.


The Farm is settled on a “Warft” which has been constructed as a hill for living in the 15th century to be protected from the high tide.

Since 1738 the same Family has been running the Farm which was inherited from father to son in a long tradition. The current estate has been reconstructed in 1873 and was operated as a farm since recently.

Haus auf Warft

While in Silicon Valley everybody believes that Humans need to compose the environment, the old Farm Garden is an exceptional place to see that the environment can shape humans. In the garden you understand circular runs which exist since ever and shape a harmony for wellbeing. Realize Seasons. Growth and Elapse. Natures reshaping, the changing shapes. The repetitive procedure over decades. The excitement and beauty of simplicity … you will find more.

Estate Garden
Estate Garden
Estate Garden