Vision - Be inspired by nature

About us

The Mission and Team

At FriesThinkLand we help management teams to think around the corner and create commitment within a rapidly changing world. In full believe that the sphere around us does impact the way we think and behave. Therefore we are using Elements of Nature, Sustainability, Digital Technologies, Strategic Consulting, Beauty and Art to compose our Tools for Togetherness.

We are working in a team of 4 consultants who are supporting via research, moderation and facilitation tasks. In addition 5 cross discipline skills are here to foster creativity and wellbeing. Finally it is about rethinking the future, all about Ideas. For this we collaborate within a network of innovation skills to enrich the team on demand with the most creative attitudes.

Teaming Indoor and Outdoor

Gartenstühle in Gebrauch ohne Teilnehmer
Sudansicht mit Flipchart
Gartenstühle in Gebrauch Nahe
Launchsessel im Gras
Gartenstühle in Gebrauch Ferne
WS in Gebrauch Leute und Flipcharts
Kuchen vor Team - Feeding
Veranda bistrotische stühle tassen
Veranda in use nach Süden
WS Stühle Beine