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The Founder

Irmgard Sommer drau├čen

Irmgard Maria Glasmacher has about 30 years of management consulting experience working as Partner for Accenture and spend the last 12 years in helping clients finding and executing their corporate strategies in international assignments all over the world.

Following a heavy schedule in the last years with multitasking in regions across 15000 km it became obvious for Irmgard, that there was no time left to experience the world and nature and the connection to natural circles has been lost. She bought the Farm in 2019 and has restructured the cattle and sheep barns into a high-end co-living and co-creation space which will enable all guests as well to reflect on the long roots of a history back into the 15th century.

Within Management Consulting Irmgard has expert experience in Growth Strategies and Performance Management, Innovation Management, Digital Technologies, Sales & Marketing Strategies and Customer Centric Business Models. More than 15 years she spend in leading large scale corporate restructuring projects.