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Time to shine


Celebrating our first anniversary after conducting the first strategic offsite @FriesThinkLand in August 2020. O.k. it was tough though and felt like a roller coaster without any security net in a year with massive disruption.

Our first Anniversary


However, now looking backwards, we identify some cutting-edge work which we completed on the fly and are shining in success. The Farm is restored, garden is growing, renature with plants and frogs completed, 60 trees planted, Interior completed, Company founded, branding rolled out, digital presence established, team on board, 12 projects completed with applause, happy clients leaving the estate, Hospitality established, some cash earned, major OKRs achieved, business network expanded, new friendships growing…

And on the flipside, lengthy administrative time spend to overcome bureaucratic burdens, unroll many actions to adapt to local speed, remembering that zero-base-budgeting is relevant for start up’s as well, downsizing teams during lock down, questioning the business case…

Finally in summer 2021 when the new hybrid way of working is becoming a reality and things are starting to look up, we feel our competitive advantage and are proud to offer an offsite location in the marshland, close to the beaches feeling nature every day, digitally connected, and surrounded by Art. Time to shine.