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Does your team struggle to work or socialize in a home office setting? One of the core lessons since we all work remotely or in a hybrid type of way is the fact how tough it can be to focus while working from home. We are also taught that there is no magic formula for remote work success. The level of distraction by our families or surroundings is extremely high and often it seems to be impossible to find time for real deep concentration.

Unfortunately, team collaboration and socializing time is very often the first one which is than skipped for an attempt to improve productivity. 

It is time to build in a team offsite into your hybrid model and work culture. A remote team will be stronger if they define joint values and a clear mission statement together during in person interaction in an offsite and of course a team purpose to proceed. On top let’s encourage social connections among team members and figure out how this can work during offsite. For sure this goes beyond collaboration via zoom and e-mail.