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Collaboration needs space


Collaboration needs space – Since the pandemic did fundamentally transform the way of working towards hybrid, traditional occasions to meet and collaborate within business disappeared. Team members who spend less time in the office and no longer share an office work routine don’t meet any longer by chance.

Connections in terms of reconnecting with colleagues are not longer granted. This is only o.k. unless you take the chance to create new occasions and space to meet

The right balance between retreat and encounter


The tendencies to individualize needs to be interrupted to foster creativity, team spirit and collaboration. Means collaboration needs space, a new space which is much more open, flexible and makes you feel well and is used occasionally. The space which works out is embedded in nature, with mindful decorations and somehow digital connected. That’s what we observed during summertime #FriesThinkLand when teams are coming together in our restored farm and get to know each other in a new way, while co-working and co-living in the countryside. A space with the right balance between retreat and encounter.