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  • Time to shine


    Celebrating our first anniversary after conducting the first strategic offsite @FriesThinkLand in August 2020. O.k. it was tough though and felt like a roller coaster without any security net in a year with massive disruption.  

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  • Offsite Workshops and Meetings - a new role in the hybrid world of work


    Now that the future of work lies in a hybrid model between home office, office and meetings, offsite workshops take on a new significance. Offsite stands for an extraordinary location that is used outside of the routine environment. In a working world where personal contact is becoming rare, the location for meetings is becoming crucial. 

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  • Home Office - not the best way to harvest ideas


    Of course, there are efficiency gains in the home office, and it is also convenient. But dialogue is not enough, and with it the inspiration for innovation and new approaches is missing. The future of work looks different. 

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  • Newly empowered


    Last but not least, find one of our contributions to get the energy transition done. We have 2 newly installed Charging stations waiting for you arrival.  

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  • Cross Bearing – Kreuzpeilung


    Does it make sense to open a Co-Working and Co-Living Location in the middle of a pandemic crisis?  

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  • I am New


    In the mid of my Fifty’s I’m taking a new course of action, packed with management theory and thought leadership out of 30 years in consulting it should be easy to launch a new business. Even if this is in the countryside, in a hide away far from business noise and daily rush. 

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